Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thot Pran

The Breen Confederacy sided with the Dominion in the final season of DS9, replacing the Cardassians as their principle Alpha Quadrant military ally. While the Cardassians still served the Dominion militarily, the role of strategic advisor for Dominion Forces fell to the Breen leader Thot Gor, and subsequently, Thot Pran.

Thot Pran's costume is a towering presence at roughly 6'6". It came from the Christie's auction, and is the only Command-level Breen costume known to exist (Thot Gor's costume seems to have been put to pieces). This costume was worn by Max Omega and featured in "The Dogs of War," and "What You Leave Behind."


The Gamma Quadrant said...

A great find! Probably my favorite of the bunch, but you have so many great ones here.

Thot Pran said...

Thanks! I definitely fell in love with this piece when I first saw it in the Christie's catalogue. I was astonished when I won it.