Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vedek Winn

A constant source of animosity, pretentiousness, and malevolence, Vedek Winn came to DS9 from Bajor with a strong sense of purpose and an agenda of fear mongering. Her path continued with intrigues and manipulation until the very end. Louise Fletcher gave tremendous venom to this character and added rich interest to the tapestry of Deep Space Nine.
This elaborate costume came from the Christie's 40th Anniversary auction in New York.


sequoia said...

could you please tell me how the sash is attached to the outfit? is it sewen into the seams, or does it extend around the back? how about the hat? is it one peice? does it have any special way of attaching to the head?


Thot Pran said...

The "sash" is its own unit free from the underlying robes and entirely surround the wearer.The hat is one piece with a lining and has no obvious means of attaching other than being custom made for the head of the intended wearer.

Impress Mekuh said...

Im a huge fan of star trek and i was googling bajoran looks and came across your blog.

your look the craftsmanship and everything are so top notch, im completely inspired. so nice so beautiful!!!!