Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Admiral Ross

One of my perennial favorite Deep Space Nine characters is Admiral William J. Ross, played by Barry Jenner. In his role as Ross, the writers and producers loved his performance so much that they brought him back many times in the later seasons of the show. He had a quiet, strong, reflective demeanor and IMHO was the finest Admiral ever on any of the Star Trek series. This costume is a combination of parts from Admiral Ross and Admiral Paris (Voyager), but the most fun was seeing both actors at the Vegas CON in 2008 and getting pics of them with the outfit!


Lynsioux said...

When I met Barry Jenner at the 2009 convention, I mentioned I had a friend who had his Admiral Ross costume, and he knew your name! Very nice guy.
And someone else I didn't know before also mentioned you, as well as a number of Board members, so you were certainly there in spirit! But your physical presence was missed.

Thot Pran said...

Thank you for making my day! I had a great time meeting Barry last year, and I wished I could attend this year. I will definitely be on for next year though, as I have promised our oldest daughter to take her along! Thank you Lyn for your kind comments, and I really regret not seeing you this go-round. Hopefully we'll finally connect in the future.

ironspoon2004 said...

Any pics of the back would be helpfull