Monday, August 10, 2009

Pah Wraith Figure

When Dukat returns to Cardassia after his mental "instability", he searches through the archives and locates this statue which is an ancient carved figure of a Pah Wraith. The Pah Wraiths were the evil counterparts of the Celestial Temple's current inhabitants, the Prophets. In a great and ancient battle, the Pah Wraiths were cast out of the Temple and imprisoned in the Bajoran fire caves. Apparently though, not all the Pah Wraiths ended up in the caves because this figure contained one on the inside. As Dukat broke it open and released the Pah Wraith, it took up residence inside of Dukat with the purpose of getting to Deep Space Nine, and from there, attacking the Prophets. This figure is the unbroken version handled by Dukat in the beginning of the scene.

I really enjoy props of this size because they are more easily displayed and enjoyed than computer consoles or large set pieces. I also like the fact that this prop is easily matched to a specific DS9 scene and is easily recognized as a humanoid figure by my guests who may not be Star Trek fans. So much of this collection is literally "alien" to visitors that anything that they can easily appreciate is a welcome addition to the display.

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