Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chief O'Brien and Quark Baseball Practice Uniforms

These two costumes came from the Christie's auction in New York, and then via a circuitous route to my Deep Space Nine collection. I had already acquired the Vulcan Logician's gigantic dugout banner and had it displayed on the wall, so when these jerseys became available, I couldn't resist adding them also.

The Miles O'Brien costume is his photo double's and came with corresponding hat, pants, and socks. The Quark costume consisted only of Armin Shimerman's jersey. Together they make an attractive display.

The corresponding DS9 episode is "Take Me Out to the Holosuite." This is more of a light-hearted break from the Dominion War than a serious story, but I enjoyed it none the less. Watching Rom attempt to play baseball was excruciatingly fun, and seeing the crew doing something outside of their comfort zone proved quite diverting. While I am NOT a baseball fan, I think I could get into it if teams consisted of my favorite fictional characters?!

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