Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Michael Eddington's Leather Jacket

This jacket was the only "officially" named Michael Eddington piece that surfaced during the IAW auctions. This fact came as a surprise to me because I thought for certain that we would have seen one or two of his duty uniforms turn up as well. My assumption is that his uniforms went unnoticed by the IAW staff and were probably sold as background costumes. Dang!!

Ken Marshall portrayed the devious and romantic Eddington in several episodes spanning multiple seasons of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. My previous blog entry of Sisko's Undercover Civilian Costume was used on-screen in the opening of "For the Uniform" in the scenes with Eddington in the Maquis base.

A quote by Captain Benjamin Sisko: "I called him a traitor once, but in a way, he was the most loyal man I ever met. He was a Maquis, right up to the bitter end."

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