Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, it has taken nearly three months, but I have finally been able to take possession of a great Star Trek Deep Space Nine Leeta piece. After perusing the archive for Leeta costumes, this was the one that I wanted most of all for two reasons; first, because of its sheer number of appearances in various episodes, and second, the amount of significant historical moments witnessed by it. For one thing, this piece was Leeta's wedding dress when she married Rom. It was worn by her in such episodes of DS9 as "Call to Arms", "Favor the Bold", "You are Cordially Invited", "Take me out to the Holosuite",and "Profit and Lace."

The outfit is simple yet fun. It consists of a Green velour jumpsuit with the cute colorful dress worn over it. Importantly, this outfit also came with Leeta's Bajoran earring. Anytime that I can get the appropriate earring for any Bajoran costume it is a minor coup. The outfit has Chase Masterson on the corresponding sewn in tags and is in excellent condition. I have met Chase Masterson in past convention attendances and she is a very sweet and kind person. It is nice to know that the kind and caring Leeta is also who she is in reality.

Thanks to Henry in England for parting with this piece and enhancing my collection. Cheers!!

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