Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everyone Needs a Subspace Transmitter

Well, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this prop would come to the collection. This was a crazy long-shot in my estimation when I started bidding at last Summer's Profiles auction and it went cheap IHMO for a prop that is heavily featured in two great DS9 episodes. It is the third person in the room for both "Duet" and "The Ascent." To have Dukat, Sisko and the transmitter each taking their place for intimate scenes in the cave and watching the drama unfold while this transmitter sits in my gameroom blinking at me is almost mind blowing. Then, to turn it around to the back side and see the "System Off-Line" flashing as Sisko and Dukat do the same in the episode gives me chills. In "The Ascent" Quark and Odo must carry a similar metallic megalith to the top of a distant mountain peak in order for its transmissions to exit the atmosphere. The Transmitter again takes a place of honor as the third character in the episode, assuming an almost adversarial or antagonistic role.

I think this prop sums up the feelings that I have for all these costumes and props in the collection. They give me such a deep emotional experience as I watch the episodes with them in my presence that I find a new connection with them and with the show. And, after all, its all about the show.

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