Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garak's Forehead Prosthetic

I haven't shared much of my DS9 makeup collection so here is a great find.  It is Garak's cardassian forehead used in many episodes but screen-matched in the early episode "Cardassians."  I personally adore Garak and he is in my top four DS9 characters along with Dukat, Weyoun, and O'Brien.  I origianlly bought this from a person who had visited the set and was given this as a gift.  When I got it home I spent hours pouring over the various cardassian characters' foreheads and it was  great news to me that it ended up being Elim Garak.  Latex appliances like this need to be treated carefully and not exposed to sunlight and it is best if kept away from any moving air as well.  I keep mine in gallon size ziplock bags with all the air removed.  By doing so, they stay soft and supple rather than drying out and cracking apart.

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