Wednesday, November 26, 2008

O'Brien and Bashir

This, the inaugural blog, begins my presentation of hero costumes and characters of interest from DS9. I will then move into the different series and movies.

I am going to kick things off with a tribute to two of my favorite main cast actors; Colm Meaney and Alexander Siddig. These costumes represent a dynamic and evolving relationshipbetween two main characters, and since DS9 is all about character growth and change, I think they are a great pair to have in the collection.
Here is Chief O'Brien as he appeared in many of the seventh season episodes along with Dr. Bashir in his corresponding distressed uniform from "Extreme Measures":


Sulla said...

Awesome collection, I just found your great blog, thanks for making it available to us fans.

I was wondering if they used the hook closures on O'Brien's uniform where the zipper stops below the gray yolk on the front of the jumpsuit? Like they use at the base 'V' of the gray yolk for other uniforms like Sisko's?

jonnycarnahan said...

Thank you so much for making your collection available to fans. Bashir is my fave character and I adore O'Brien and the relationship the two characters develop over the series.

Question: Just how long are Siddig's legs? Tee-hee.

- Sheri