Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lady Sirella

Lady Sirella, daughter of Linkasa, was General Martok’s wife and Mistress of the House of Martok. Sirella, played by Shannon Cochran, was of noble descent, tracing her maternal lineage back to Shenara, daughter of Emperor Reclaw of the Second Dynasty.

A proud and headstrong woman, Sirella was originally opposed to the marriage between Worf and Jadzia Dax, believing that by allowing an alien to join her house, their identity as Klingons might be threatened. Since, as Mistress, it was her duty to approve all marriages into the family, she came to Deep Space 9 to evaluate Dax’s worthiness. After much conflict, she eventually acquiesced and performed the wedding ceremony with great pride.

This costume was featured in the Deep Space Nine season six episode “You Are Cordially Invited." I believe this piece represents one of the finest achievements in Klingon civilian costume design.


darrincowger said...

By far one of the top ten costumes you have in your collection in my opinion. And I think that's really saying something because you have have many awesome costumes! I look forward to one day seeing this one in person. It really does look AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your collection on the web Jim.


Aurora Skylyght said...

Hi there, I am actually looking to cosplay Lady Sirella, and I was wondering, if you still have it, if you could take some close up photos of some of the detail pieces, such as the shoulders, arm bands, and especially her crown piece. I would greatly appreciate help thanks