Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This Klingon female costume was used on two different series, and was modified significantly for its second use.

Its first appearance was in the Deep Space Nine episode “Past Prologue” where it was worn by Barbara March in the role of the elder Duras sister, Lursa.

The notorious Duras sisters were responsible for starting the Klingon civil war, and in this episode the pair were caught selling explosives to a Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist.

The costume’s second appearance, in Voyager’s “Prophecy”, saw it’s green sleeves replaced by the common black fur variety, and a new cast breastplate attached. It was worn by Peggy Jo Jacobs in the role of Ch’Rega, best remembered for her torrid love affair with Voyager’s morale officer, Neelix.

The costume was won at the historic Christie’s Star Trek auction in New York, and continues to be a gem in my collection. The Bat'Leth, composed of rubber over a metal armature, was won through the Its A Wrap auctions.

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