Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Section 31

Here is a rare costume. Only one has ever come up for auction, and this outfit posesses a unique and special history. Originally used on Deep Space Nine, the top and bottom of this costume were split between each of Sloan's henchmen.

Then, when Enterprise decided to bring Section 31 about in the persona of Agent Harris, the actor Eric Pierpoint wasn't given a custom outfit. Instead, he was told to report to the costuming department and they put together this outfit for him based on whichever henchman's top or bottom was an approximate fit. (He was a bit irritated not to get his own cotume as his character had several recurrences. Too bad.)

This is one of my favorite costumes simply because it is just so comfortable to wear. The lining is cool against the skin, and the leather is so soft that it feels amazing. Keep an eye out for the Sloan version. If that one comes up for auction, I would say $1500 would be a conservative estimate.

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