Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Third Garak's a Charm

I am very proud to be able to now say that I have three Garak costumes in the collection. I just added his costume from "What You Leave Behind" and am thrilled by its display appeal and the quality of this piece. This is the stunt version of the costume and is most likely from the scene where Garak is blown back by an explosion. This costume style has the added bonus of being featured on the cover of Andrew Robinson's DS9 novel "A Stitch in Time."


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
GREAT Costumes! I was wondering where you get your display forms? I would like to start displaying my Star Trek Costumes, but all the mannequins/display forms I've seen just look cheap. Thanks! Aaron (

Thot Pran said...

I found my poseable mannequins through Roxy Display out of New Jersey. (They are on EBay) Roughly 75 bucks a piece after shipping. They are simply the best I've found yet! Good luck with your displays Aaron.