Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vedek Bareil

After nearly two years of regretting not going after this one in the IAW auctions, it finally came home to me. It took a circuitous route and I must thank another friend, Mark, for acquiring it with me in mind from the original winner.

Vedek Antos Bareil was seen wearing this costume in several great early season episodes and it was also re-used in "The Darkness and the Light" by Vedek Latha Mabrim. Bareil was Major Kira's first romantic interest during the run of the show, and I particularly enjoy that he was an adversary for Vedek Winn.


sequoia said...

What kind of fabric is this made of? is the under layer attached to the top, or is it a separate unit?


Thot Pran said...

The brown layer is attached to the inside of the orange layer. Both layers what appear to be a medium weight cotton/polyester fabric blend.

Falcon1082 said...

I am trying to understand the construction of this costume, specifically, the part that drapes over the shoulder. Could you provide a discription of it or, better yet, maybe send some photos to me by email?