Saturday, August 29, 2009

DS9 Phaser Rifle

The Deep Space Nine phaser rifle is unusual in design, and as a collectible, very hard to find. While there were presumably many that were made for the show, they hardly ever turn up in any auctions. With the IAW auctions lasting more than two years, we never saw one of these show up for bidding. "Hero" versions are next to impossible to locate and I was extremely lucky to find this stunt version. Rather than being made out of resin and having all the light up features that you see on rifles used by leading characters, this version was used either for background work, or where some sort of stunt would be performed, a stunt that could damage a resin version. This particular stunt rifle consists of a metal armature (internal structure) with cast rubber over it. The metal provides strength and more rigidity to the piece than if it were entirely rubber. The exterior rubber was then painted with the metallic finish necessary to allow this weapon to appear realistic on screen.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am definitely into the costumes from Deep Space Nine, but from time to time it is fun to get a prop that is representative of something you see in many of the different episodes. Props like this add interest to the collection, and give you something to hang on the wall above the costumes in the dead space from six feet to eight or nine feet. When well lit, they add a little drama to the room, and certainly garner attention from guests passing by.

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