Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quark Goes Camping

This costume was worn by Armin Shimmerman in the Deep Space Nine season two cliffhanger "The Jem'hadar" when the Siskos, Quark, and Nog travel to the Gamma Quadrant together for a school science project. Jake and Nog take on the task of completing a planetary survey of an uncharted body, so the group beams down and settles in for the evening. Things take a turn for the worse when Quark catches his arm on fire when tending to the meal, and then Commander Sisko and Quark are captured by the Dominion forces on the planet.

This Quark costume is personally fun to have because it shares quite a bit of screen time with my Eris costume, the first Vorta encountered on DS9. I love that the Ferengi sense of style still impacts such things as a camping outfit, and it is another example of over-the-top fashion. I must call attention to the fins on the sleeves and pants which are just great. Also, note that the right sleeve is distressed to appear scorched from Quark's encounter with the campfire.

The costume is also worn by Quark again when he accompanies Worf, Jadzia, Leeta, and Julian to Risa in DS9s worst episode "Let He Who is Without Sin." What a pity that episode is so bad. They really messed up making Worf's character turn away from the Federation. Poor writing on that one. Oh, well. Don't get me going on that. After all, this entry is a celebration of my favorite character, Quark!

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