Monday, August 10, 2009

Kai Winn's Nightgown

I'm not usually a big fan of costumes that don't represent the character ie. civilian costumes of Starfleet officers, but in this case, I had to make an exception. Why? Call me greedy, or obsessed, or just plain nuts, but when I saw this inexpensive gem come up in week 34 of the IAW auctions, I had to make it mine. When you have Winn's Vedek robes, and Winn's Kai robes how can you not get the last possible costume to carry her name on the tag? I HAD TO own every piece representing this character. It became my mission. Louise is so wonderfully rotten in the role of Winn that I remember getting physically sick when she'd appear on screen the first time I watched the DS9. Now that is amazing acting!!!

So what are we looking at with this offering? Nothing but the sexiest costume that the least sexiest character EVER on Star Trek wore. It is a grotesque romance she shares in this nightgown and I shudder to think what any offspring conceived through this union might have been like. Yikes! So let your imagination run wild and savor it in all its splendor. Aah, Deep Space Nine, what treasures you give us...

Now, if these pictures aren't enough to make you gag, please enjoy this walk down memory lane at YouTube: Unfortunately, the audio has been disabled. GRRRR! So you'll just have to sing "Strangers in the Night" to yourself as you watch this homage.

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Hilda said...

I love the Kai Winn "Sydney Opera hat" that you have. I am trying to recreate the hat, and would love to know how it stays on! Please email me if you wish at

Thanks for your help!