Monday, August 24, 2009

Rom's Bajoran Earring

Next up for your consideration is an unexpected DS9 windfall. I had no idea this was coming to me, but It's A Wrap in their usual ineptitude put this earring together with the Vedek Bareil robes and sold them as a single lot. One look at any screencap of Bareil would have easily convinced them that this piece didn't go with the costume, but alas QC was not their modus operandi.

When I received the lot, as purchased by a good friend of mine from the original EBay buyer, I was flummoxed by this enormous earring. I have three other Bajoran earrings and this one just dwarfed the others. Then, during a phone call we had, he suggested that perhaps a Ferengi might have worn it due to the completely over-sized nature of all the components. BOO-YA! After a few minutes perusing Trekcore, the truth of its identity was quickly revealed. It was none other than Rom's earring from his engagement with Leeta in the episode "Ferengi Lovesongs!!" This was a sweet moment of getting more than I bargained for, and for a collector of Deep Space Nine, this was an important item to get into the display case. This piece coincidentally goes extremely well with my next post, Rom's Bajoran uniform.

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