Saturday, September 24, 2011

Duck and cover. Here comes THE ELIMINATOR!!

Did you ever wonder just how intimidating a Ferengi could be? Meet Leck played by Hamilton Camp. He is what the Ferengi refer to as an eliminator, that's right, not a liquidator, but someone who gets rid of individuals. A contract killer, or, in the case of "The Magnificent Ferengi", a rescue-ops contractor. Leck is a truly wonderful character, adding to the depth of the Ferengi race and great for comic relief such as in his shooting of Moogie in the practice rescue scenario on the holosuite! Leck also initially declined the offer of latinum to join, but rather decided it would be of interest to test his skills against the Jem'Hadar.

Leck's costume gives him all the "street-cred" of a successful and important Ferengi. It is beautifully detailed with gold buttons, much elaborate decoration, and some serious hardware at the neckline. The color scheme is very nicely accomplished with burgundies, oranges and golds, lending a very autumnal quality to this piece. Oh yeah, and the head-wrap is just plain awesome! So here he is in all his deadly glory. Enjoy!!

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