Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun with Friends!

This week we have had the great fortune to have our good friends visiting from Colorado and we spent the first night under the real stars with a couple telescopes and a very clear sky. We took in some great celestial sites ranging from double stars, open clusters, globular clusters, and galaxies. It was a night devoid of mosquitoes and clouds. That is rare in the midwest!

After that invigorating experience outside, it was time to indulge our love of the fictional universe. We took down several costumes and put up all of the pieces that I have pertaining to the Season 2 opener: "The Homecoming", "The Circle", and "The Siege." This trilogy has long been one of my favorite arcs of the early seasons so it was great fun to see all eleven costumes together at one time!

Picture from upper left to lower right: Chief O'Brien, Jadzia Dax, Bajoran Security, Bajoran Militia, Minister Jaro Essa, Vedek Winn Adami, Major Kira Nerys (duty uniform), Major Kira Nerys civilian, Vedek Bareil Antos, Li Nalas, and Quark. Screencaps of the various uniforms are below:

Next up, "The Jem'Hadar".

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