Monday, January 30, 2012

Jadzia Dax FC Distressed

I am in love with a new toy. It just arrived today and I was thrilled to get it onto a mannequin ASAP. I have been coveting a Jadzia Dax hero FC uniform for several years and serendipity dropped this one into my lap. This Deep Space Nine First Contact -style uniform came with costumer's tags indicating it was used in the 5th season and then re-used in the 6th season and finally distressed for the great episode "Rocks and Shoals." The interior sewn-in tags read Terry Ferrell and it is solid hero through and through. The one way that I always distinguish between hero and background duty uniforms is the level of tailoring specific to the actor who wore it and also the little "extra's" that are always inside. For example, with this Jadzia Dax uniform, the undershirt has a sewn-in undergarment below, and a fabric interior cover to reduce zipper irritation to her neck.

One thing I find particulary interesting with this piece is that the costumer used black spandex for the main body of the uniform jumpsuit. This differs from my male counterparts, but makes sense so that it could hug her curves and look flawless. I'd say it worked!!! The fact that this piece has some intentional distressing to the abdomen is great because it allows us to appreciate the costume for the exact scene it shows up in. Any non-distressed uniform, unless a very rare variant, is difficult to pinpoint the used episode or scene.

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