Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mirror Universe Leeta

Just rescued from the ethers and returned to the fold is Chase Masterson's very lovely Mirror Universe costume. While not garnering tons of screentime, this is still one of the more attractive Mirror pieces I have yet seen. This costume included her earrings and I find it interesting that in the Mirror Universe, a bajoran would be wearing two earrings instead of just one. I guess that two is the "mirror opposite" of one? And yet, I can't find the earrings in any screen-caps so who knows? Anyway, I can't imagine what it would have taken to cram her into this little outfit. That must be why they laced the back and built the top with all kinds of internal ribbing. I can just imagine a costumer with their foot against her backside while pulling on the lacing with all her might like an old fashioned corset. Oh, the sacrifices actors must make for their craft!

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